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June 28, 2013

All eyes on CRV's eight daughter groups

With packed stands and dense rows of spectators lining the ring, there was a lively interest in the eight daughter groups during the CRV Cow Expo. Cricket and Fidelity’s breeding bull groups naturally stirred the imagination. The young bulls, offering a wide range of  lineage and specific qualities, ensure that every cattle farmer can make the right choice to suit the breeding goals of every farm.

> Movies of the daughter groups

Lowland Redman kicked off the Expo, showing a group of heifers with great quality udders. This Fiction son from a Gogo dam is free from Kian, Stadel and Lightning blood, impresses with both production and protein content and showed cows that are able to produce efficiently. Maiden heifer sire Redman is also great for use on black-and-whites. On conversion, he scores over 700 kg of milk and +0.17% of protein. 

Lowlands Redman  fotonrA1306009 

Newhouse Banker’s heifers are very self-sufficient cows: characteristics maiden heifer sire Banker inherited from the strongly scoring Sneek cow family and his sire Goldwyn. His daughters have a strong frame, great dairy strength, excellent udders and good quality legs. The udders are firmly attached and shallow. 

Newhouse Banker  fotonrA1306010

The red-and-white bull HJR Windstar is a true health specialist. Windstar daughters are strongly-built, rangy heifers with good frame width and fine rumps. HJR Windstar is a bull for robust cows with high health and fine lifetime production. In addition, this Spencer son from the exceptionally well breeding Jaantjes improves the protein content.

HJR Windstar  fotonrA1306006

Delta Astro (s. Goldwyn) was the first son of Etazon Renate to appear in the ring. This Goldwyn son produces progeny with top-class conformation with big, strong and wide daughters scoring amply on condition. But above all, the Astros are healthy and have a fine production with outstanding contents.

Delta Astro fotonrA1306005

The group of Delta Atlantic (s. Ramos), Renate’s second son, had eagerly been looked forward to and they fully lived up to the expectations. The highest daughter tested NVI bull produces no-nonsense, reliable cows that quite simply combine good qualities, showing very strong and healthy production. True cash cows in every sense for their owners.

Delta Atlantic  fotonrA1306008

All-rounder Cherokee van de Peul stands out with a very high protein inheritance. With a dam producing milk with over 4% protein, the apple does not fall very far from the tree here either. But this Fender son from the Massia family also transmits health and longevity. Cherokee produces strong cows with great udders and legs, guaranteeing high lifetime production.

Cherokee van de Peul  fotonrA1306007

The last two groups to appear in the ring were those of Ralma O-Man Cricket and Delta Fidelity - breeding bull daughters. With such a large selection to choose from, the groups were consequently impressively uniform. As many as nine Fidelity animals could be admired. His daughters are tough and strong and have really excellent legs. The trouble-free Cricket daughters give some more height and style and they also showed fine udders. Farmers wanting firm guarantees and reliability will definitely put Cricket and Fidelity on their insemination list again after their convincing performance at the CRV Cow Expo.

> Movies of the daughter groups

Ralma O-Man CF Cricket  fotonrA1306002

Delta Fidelity  fotonrA1306001