February 23, 2019

Our facts

  • CRV is one of the largest AI-organisations in the world, testing over 340 young bulls annually  

    • 270 Holstein Friesian

    • 60 Red Holstein

    • 10 MRI (dual purpose)

  • CRV owns 1,700 bulls and around 750 cows and heifers. The animals are housed at various locations in the Netherlands, the United States, the Czech Republic and New Zealand. CRV has companies in New Zealand, Brazil and the Czech Republic, who are running their own breeding programmes, and we also supply ‘Grazing Holstein Genetics’, Jersey, Ayrshire, Fleckvieh, Belgian Blue and Nelore semen.

  delta donor

  • CRV is one of the world’s leading AI-organisations, with sales of over 5 million units per year, exported to over 50 countries.

  • CRV stands for:  

    • Reliably tested sires

    • Profitable and long lasting cows

    • High milk yields with high components

    • Quality udders and great feet & legs