February 23, 2019

The reliable source

CRV attaches great value to breeding bulls with excellent transmitting abilities that have highly reliable first crop proofs. It is in our customer’s interest that our bulls do as we’ve promised. Dairy farmers at home and abroad can therefore use our proven sires with confidence.

Several factors add to the high reliability of CRV sires:

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Factor 1 Farmer John kijkend koe

The majority of Dutch and Belgian dairy farmers participate in the testing of 340 bulls per year. To achieve a high reliability first crop proof, no less than 150 daughters will contribute to a bull’s proof, enabling a highly accurate estimation of his true breeding value.   

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Factor 2

The chances of breeding high quality sires are increased by the thorough testing of bull dams. Each year, 200 heifers are evaluated in the Delta Nucleus Herd under the same environmental conditions. The heifers that pass the test successfully are used extensively in the breeding programme. This programme guarantees reliably tested bull dams.

   Milk recording

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Factor 3

Farm inspection
As a result of the high participation of Dutch dairy farmers in milk recording and type classification, there is a lot of information from many different farms available for each bull. This again makes a highly accurate calculation of breeding values possible. Breeding values for production are calculated with the advanced test-day model. This model uses information from every single test milking, resulting in a large amount of information per individual animal.


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CRV is also your partner in Grassland genetics.

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