CRV has got a wide portfolio of products. Besides matching genetics for every breeding goal, CRV also offers innovative products like Insire, Siryx, SireMatch and the Dairy Management Guide!

Adding value for farmers by offering solutions is an important part of CRV's mission. Therefore CRV can offer you sires with the highest genetic potential (InSire). You can get tomorrow's genetics today! To be sure to have enough replacement heifers or to get heifer calves from the best cows, you can use sexed semen (SiryX). Inseminations with SiryX sexed semen will result in 90% or more heifer calves. For every breeding goal, for every breed and for every cow, SireMatch finds the best unbiased mating. All breeding value bases can be used and all sires in the world can be included in a tailormade bull package. The Dairy Management Guide provides information to simplify and improve many dairy farm processes.