January 17, 2019


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'It's in the genes.' These words are not only used for people with remarkable characteristics, but are also true for proven bulls. With research, we are able to continually improve how we 'look' at genes and unravel the potential of a bull. Will it be an average animal or the next list topper? InSire bulls are selected for their high genetic potential. The result - better cows in the herd.

Genetic potential
The genetic information of an animal is spread on the DNA in thousands of genes. Genetic markers are small recognisable pieces of DNA that lay close to the genes. They have approximately the same transmitting ability as the genes in question. A marker therefore provides information about those genes and the genetic potential of an animal. CRV is currently working with 60,000 markers that display the full spectrum of the genetic material. From thousands of bulls - with a known and reliable index - the indexes have been connected to the discovered markers. In this way, the effects of the markers have been estimated.

More reliability
For example, if a young bull's markers have been mapped out, then the effects of these markers can be added together and in that way provide information about the genetic potential of the animal. With this extra information, the reliability of the predicted index(based on parent average) is significantly higher. The selection of animals on the basis of marker information is called marker selection or 'genomic selection'.

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