January 17, 2019


The certainty to breed heifer calves: SiryX

  SiryX logo

You want to be sure that you’re breeding heifer calves? This is now a reality! CRV is offering sexed semen from some of its top sires under the name SiryX.

Every time a cow calves you’ll have to wait and see whether it is a heifer calf, or yet another bull calf. Up to now there was a 50:50 chance of either a heifer or a bull. But that’s set to change as CRV is now offering sexed semen under the name SiryX. Inseminations with SiryX sexed semen will result in 90%, or more, heifer calves.

SiryX is produced in special laboratories, where flowcytometers separate sperm cells with the female chromosome (X) from those with the male chromosome (Y). CRV is using the most advanced and developed machines available at the moment.

Maximum profit with SiryX
SiryX has important advantages for producers and has the capacity to maximise farm profit in several ways:

  • Assured production of heifer calves for replacement or expansion  SiryX staws                    
  • The number of heifer calves born can be optimised by using SiryX. Producers who want to expand their herd with their own stock can do this more efficiently – both more quickly and safely – with SiryX.

  • Reducing the number of difficult births
  • Heifer calves are smaller than bull calves and by using SiryX, particularly on heifers, the number of difficult births will decrease. As a result, the heifers will get off to a better start in their first lactation, with lower veterinary costs, and will get back in calf more easily.

  • Higher turn over
  • By inseminating part of the herd with SiryX, a larger proportion of the herd can be inseminated with beef bull semen. Produce SiryX calfrs can profit from this because they can boost their income from the sale of cross-bred calves.

  • Faster genetic progress
  • Using SiryX on the highest genetic merit cattle in the herd to breed the next generation of milking cows will result in faster genetic progress. Theoretically this effect is the highest when using SiryX on heifers, due to the genetic superiority of heifers on most farms compared to the rest of the herd.

    • Use on maiden heifers

    To produce SiryX, semen goes through several treatments and due to this the virility of the semen will be lower compared to that of conventional semen. In maiden heifers this effect is expected to be limited, but the effect will be greater in cows. Therefore CRV advises that producers use SiryX semen on maiden heifers.

    • Less risk of disease

    Because many heifer calves will be born, the need to buy milking cows or young stock from other farms disappears. in that way infections from other farms can be excluded.

      Onedin calves

    Female calves of Onedin SiryX