• I n h e r i t a n c e
    Cash Hall of FameEastland Cash was appreciated very much by farmers because of his durable persistent daughters. Cash scores high on longevity. He is also suitable for maiden heifers, with a positive fat and protein percentage. His trade mark is his long fore udder inheritance. The longer they are in the lactation, the better their lactation value will become and they will grow into beautiful, strong dairy cows.
  • G e n e r a l  i n f o r m a t i o n
    Eastland Cash, bred by the Oosterink brothers in Angeren (NL), was a legend in his lifetime. In August 1995 Cash had his breakthrough as one of the first Sunny Boy sons and immediately became the most influential one. In October 1995 he appeared in the CRV bulls catalogue and since then he has continuously been one of the Cash_His457most asked for bulls. His daughters are durable producing cows and according to farmers they perform inconspicuous and with dedication. The combination of power and youth and the persistence in production make Cash a much-wanted bull. At the breeding bull location in Giekerk Cash succeeded to reach the age of 14 years: until the last moment a top bull.
  • P r o g e n y
    As a bull’s father, Cash has bred a number of good breeding bulls, such as Laurenzo. Besides that, Cash has produced successful grandchildren such as Rafael, Nevada, Stilist and Obelisk.
  • Te s t i m o n i a l  1
    ‘Cash daughters? We are milking nine, of which four are definitely AB-worthy. The average lactation value is about 105. Perh aps Cash is even better than Sunny Boy, a bit more durable.’ André Buiting, IJsselmuiden (NL)
  • Te s t i m o n i a l  2
    ‘What Sunny Boy has meant for a lot of farmers, Cash does for us. We are milking 14 Cash daughters to our full satisfaction. Each of them is a superb user animal with a lot of power and great udders.’ Johan van der Gaast, Millionaires IJlster Holsteins (NL)
  • Te s t i m o n i a l  3
    ‘His inheritance for components combined with a good milk production is exceptional. The hard legs and claws of this Sunny Boy son combined with superb fore udders make him a father insuring high longevity.’ Marc en Dirk Akkerman, Essen (Belgium).