• I n h e r i t a n c e
    KianKian produces durable, economical dairy cows with nice, healthy udders, strong legs and rich component productions, while his daughters have a solid conformation. Kian inherits very strong components (+0 .55, +0.27), he breeds normal (frame 102), solid cows with sufficient volume and good, firmly attached udders (104). Very strong legs, excellent longevity and udder health and easy calving: perfect for maiden heifers.
  • G e n e r a l  i n f o r m a t i o n
    Kian’s name combines the initials of Kitty and Andries. Andries is his sire, while the Kitty’s are the cow family behind the NVItopper. Dam Kitty 24 was a very reliable 87 points Sunny Boy daughter. With 25% MRI blood in his veins, Kian has a special outcross bloodline that is highly appreciated. For four years in a row, Kian has been the most used red-andwhite bull in The Netherlands. He made his breakthrough in 2002/2003 with more than 35,000 registered first inseminations. Not only is Kian in demand with farmers having red-and-white cows, in the artificial insemination year 2006/2007 approximately half of all inseminations was used for black-and-white cows.
  • P r o g e n y
    Apina Curtis
  • Te s t i m o n i a l  1 Kian Martina
    ‘A sire that adds power to the cattle, one that has very few flaws.’ Arjan van Erp, Midwolda (NL)
  • Te s t i m o n i a l  2
    ‘Their production has a good start and they keep on producing milk. During the lactation they still keep on looking good, their condition doesn’t falter.’ Harm van Gemert, Veghel (NL)
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    Walter Langekammerer from Fichtenau owns 75 Holstein cows, 25 of which are red-and-white. At first Kian’s qualities were more or less overlooked, so it was rather late that he was used. The first calf was born in 2008 and attracted a lot of attention immediately due to its vitality – it never seemed to get enough milk! Now Walter Langekammerer is determined to use Kian more. Matched with the right cows, for example a big Stormatic or her Shottle daughter, he says it’s possible that he could breed an interesting dam.


  • Te s t i m o n i a l  4
    Millionaires‘During the past two years we have already processed 360 straws of Kian on our farm. Due to the high milk yield of our cows – around 12,400kg on average – we have used Kian to correct our low milk components, to breed good legs, and because of his anticipated longevity. In this herd we have a few cows with the red factor. We used Kian on these cows because we don’t want to look just at black cows. We also appreciate Kian’s completely different pedigree and it means that we can use Kian on every cow in heat. In May 2005 the first Kian heifer was born and by the end of 2008 another 24 had been born on our farm. Calves are viable and look very good. There are some with red colour. For mating of Kian daughters we choose the bull Spencer. We are looking forward to the further development of Kian progeny and their results in his herd.’ Ing. Musil Agras Bohdalov (farm with 600 Holstein cows), Czech Republic.