Sunny Boy

  • I n h e r i t a n c e
    Sunny BoyFor years, Skalsumer Sunny Boy was the showpiece of the Dutch dairy population. Born on May 26, 1985, he got his first index in October 1989. Half a year later he almost doubled his INET (the Dutch economical index for the production of milk, fat and protein) and settled at the top of the sire listing. His perfect index for production and conformation made him the most wanted bull for years by dairy breeders world-wide. Breeders who had Sunny Boy daughters were impressed by the persistency during lactation and maturity. Even in type, his daughters show persistency by getting better with age particularly the udders.
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    Sunny Boy is the most used breeding bull ever. With his capability to serve so many cows, Sunny Boy gave the Dutch dairy population a big genetic boost and brought it to an international respected level. He opened borders for exports of breeding cattle and semen. A huge amount of Sunny Boy semen was exported. The international use of Sunny Boy gave him, in many countries, daughters and they proved that their sire belonged to the best sires world-wide. Today, it’s clear that his daughters also show a tremendous longevity. In 2007, 1,109 daughters reached a life time production of 100,000kg of milk in The Netherlands alone! Skalsumer Sunny Boy made an unbeatable impression until his 12th birthday. The effect of Sunny Boy’s genes in the population is huge. Sunny Boy produced more than two million doses of semen. There were years in which every two minutes somewhere in the world a calf of Sunny Boy was born. Almost 220,000 daughters are in the Dutch index calculations. World-wide there has never been a sire with this number of offspring, a true world record! His genes will be carried on by his daughters and by his sons. A total of 77 sons were tested in The Netherlands. Like their father, these sons bred many cows and some are used as sire of sons themselves, particularly Eastland Cash, the ‘Crown Prince’ who was also one of the bestsellers for CRV with no less then 1.2 million doses.
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    One of Sunny Boy’s best sons was Eastland Cash, he sold more than 1.3 million doses world-wide. Sunny Boy is the grandsire of the famous red bull Kian, who is number one for NVI and also produced one million doses of semen (in 2008).
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    In Hessel Agema’s herd Sunny Boy daughter Pietje 356 grew into a high yielding, excellent cow. ‘She was a typical Sunny Boydochter’, says Agema about Pietje 256. ‘She had a lot of body depth, somewhat curved legs and large teats, but an incredible milk production.’
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    Arian Kamp: ’My father has bred specifically for milk type. That has become the basis of our herd. We have used Sunny Boy for quite some time. This sire has created a foundation of armoured concrete.’