February 23, 2019

Mating program

A mating program can help the farmer to achieve his breeding goal better and more efficiently and makes sure that all information gathered about his cows is used. Mating programs can give objective advice on bull selection and simplifies the work of the farmer. Mating programs will make insemination choices easier and give reliable advice.
Different programs use other ways to complete their goal, but all want to make breeding more succesful and easier. Some programs are completely independent.

An example of a mating program is CRV's SireMatch program. This program can be used for all bulls, all cows and all breeding goals. It is a program that uses classification records, but can also provide mating advice based on pedigrees. SireMatch will provide unbiased advice for all bulls that are available, also non-CRV bulls. SireMatch is making use of the latest technological developments.
SireMatch is unique because it is completely web based, so everything stays up to date. Also the breeding goal can be chosen from the six standard breeding goals, but customised breeding goals can be made as well. All breeding goals consist of the components production, conformation and longevity.
SireMatch also takes genetic defects and inbreeding into account. Users can fill in the maximum rate of inbreeding for example. The use of Insire, SiryX and crossbreeds is possible in this program as well. The result of the SireMatch program is a list of three possible bulls per cow that can be used. If requested the farmer can even see which bull not to use. Because the application is web based, the data can be consulted from anywhere. When a PDA is used on the farm, the application can also be used from here.
CRV's mating program can be used anywhere and anytime. SireMatch has three levels and there will be one that suits every farm system.

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